Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hey guys!
So I thought long and hard about what I would do for my next blog post and I went in to Boots to have a look around and I found the Eyelure Sex and the City eyelash collection!  It hit me that this would be a fab idea to review the whole set. I love Sex and the City and have all the box sets... I am addicted!=D I have started with the ‘Charlotte’ lashes. In the programme Charlotte is very traditional and is desperate for the perfect man, apartment and children. She is definatley the classiest out of all of them with her timeless, vintage look and I think the lashes have really embodied the look of her character! In the box the lashes look very full and I thought they would be only wearable for a night time look.  When I actually put them on they weren’t as full as I expected and I would happily wear them for a day or night look!

The lashes were so easy to apply and they were the exact size for my eye, I did not need to cut them down at all! That was such a plus for me as I always need to cut the MAC ones.
When I put the lashes on they looked fantastic they really enhanced my eye and added so much volume and length and they were so light weight. I felt very up market just like Charlotte in these lashes. I used the glue in the box to apply the lashes and it was 10 out of 10!
My next post will be the MIRANDA lashes , really hope this helps you!
Love Amber x   ..p.s retail price in Boots £5.29 (reasonable)

                                 AFTER LASHES


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