Saturday, 28 January 2012

Eylure Sex and the City Lashes – Miranda

Hey guys
So this is the 2nd part of my Sex and the City lashes review. Today I looked at the ‘Miranda’ lashes.
Out of all the lashes I found that my favourite lashes were ‘Miranda’s’(by just looking at them in the box)  Funny because she’s the character I don’t like in the T.V show!
I liked the lashes because they were all about the outer corner and about the emphasis on elongating the outer part of the eye. They are FAB for people with smaller eyes!

In ‘Sex and the City’ Miranda is the very sarcastic one. She is the one with the great career and nice apartment but she comes off as not really caring about her style. These Lashes show other wise. They are lovely but I would only wear them if I was going out on the town or partying. They are very full and voluptuous and I felt really great in them.
Applying them was quite hard because they have a really difficult seam, the 1st part being really fine and then as the lashes get fuller the seam gets harder making it difficult. The lashes also curl up so that makes it even more tricky =s The glue the lashes come with is really good and it last a really long time.
All in all I scored these lashes 7/10. They are beautiful lashes for going out partying but they are bit to big for daytime use. The negative is getting them on! Why not give it ago x 



Before                                                                                                      After
P.S. My next post will be ‘Samantha’ lashes! Hope you enjoyed this.
Love Amber x

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  1. They look amazing! Love that outer corner!!