Monday, 6 February 2012

Hey guys
Sooo this is the 3rd part in the Sex and the City eylure review and today I reviewed the ‘SAMANTHA’ lashes.
I love Samantha in the show she’s so overly confident doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her and more than that she is beautiful, stylish and SEXY- just like her Lashes. These Lashes are so over the top that they work! They are very bold and I would only ever wear them if I was going out for dinner or clubbing. They are so light weight on the eye it feels like I’m not wearing anything which is surprising as they look heavy. When I put them on they looked very fluttery in the mirror which I liked but I know some people won’t like that look.

They have a thick seam but they were easy to put on, whereas the ‘Miranda’ lashes had a thick seam at one end and not the other which made it really difficult for me to apply. The Samantha lashes were thick seamed all along and it made it easy. These lashes are the perfect size for my eye so I love that as I hate cutting lashes down. I do like these lashes a lot and can’t wait for a night out because these are the lashes I think I would choose...However I have not tried the ‘Carrie’ Eylure lashes yet so my mind may change!
The glue that comes with all the eylure lashes is really great and I always use it.  It sticks the lash down perfectly and it keeps the lash on for a good long time, when taking the lash off the glue does not irritate the skin at all. Out of a score of 10 I would give these lashes a 10! I could not find anything wrong with them!  Definitely go and have a try of these lashes and I promise you won’t be disappointed!
Love Amber x  

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